SH490 Rectangle Shofar Bag

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Dark navy rectangle shaped bag with gold tassles and carrying cord. The bag is decorated with a band of ribbon in blue and gold.

Bag measures 35" X 9"

Bag is darker than shown in picture.
SH490 Rectangle Shofar Bag

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Product Description

Dark navy Shofar bag

Size: 35" X 9"

In Biblical days, the shofar was used in a variety of ways. The first and most important use was for announcing the onset of Sabbath and holidays. It was also used at the coronation of a king or as a sound to rally to battle. Gideon used the sound of the Shofar to confound and scare the Midianites, who so outnumbered Gideon's three hundred men (Judges 6 & 7). Shofars were used by Joshua for bringing down the walls of Jericho (Joshua 6:2-5).

While the Shofar is primarily associated with Jewish worship, its use is growing in popularity throughout Christian culture as well. An increasing number of Christian ministries choose to incorporate the use of the Shofar at the beginning of their Sunday services. It is also placed in some Christian churches and households as a decorative element and a symbol of respect for the roots of the Faith.